Friday, October 29, 2004


In the last month I spent a lot of my time on a project of developing Lifetrek website. Lifetrek is a new agency organising treks and mountaineering excursions all over the world, freeride skiing and snowdoarding, climbing camps, various courses on outdoor activities and outdoor events.

My part of the project was mainly the development of the Content Management System (CMS), the engine of the website. I named the system "jurEDIT" and it enables editors to add, edit and remove all content on the website. It also has some additional features like managing the mailing list (collecting emails, sending emails to subscribers), managing reservations etc. Other parts of the project were covered by
Tomaž and Mejo, the representative of our customer.

Check it out at!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Vikend doma

Enih par dni sem se na kratko malo oglasil doma. In bilo je zelo fajn. Najprej sem se lahko v soboto cel dan nažiral z raznoraznimi dobrotami na 50-letnici gospe Sonje in spet malo zadihal prijetni morski zrak. Tudi žejen nisem ostal :-)

Videl sem spet lahko, kako je če skoz ne pada dež, kakšno je sonce v resnici, kakšne so normalne temperature za oktober, kakšen okus ima normalna hrana, kakšen je pečen kostanj pri Pračkih ...

A zdej se bo pa treba spet navadt na kitajčke (so že čebljali po njihovo celo pot iz Londona v Manchester) in druge priseljence ter seveda na smešno čudne angleže. Hmmm ...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

And the answer is?

I temporarily live in the UK.

Very close to our block is a little shopping center, where we buy most of our staff. There is one store that we specially like. I wonder what is there, that attracts us so much.

Shock of the day

How is it like, if you go on a three years long bicycle journey around the world and you come back after two months? Not good, I guess.

Every day ...

... is a good day for something.

And this day is the day when I start with my blog.