Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Trip to Edinburgh

This weekend we went on a trip to Scotland, to Edinburgh. Four hours on a bus with a retired rocker behind the steering wheel. I found Edinburgh very interesting, much nicer and pleasant then our Manchester, although the weather was the same like here. Not so big, by the sea, nice old architecture with a nice castle on the hill in the middle of the city.

The bus was full of spainyards, there were only a couple of Greeks, two Germans, a French girl and two Slovenians. Hmmm ... Za čas dneva so Španci zgledali zelo tako tako, brez življenja, drugačni kot sem se jih zapomnil iz bicikliranja po tistih njihovih krajih. Ampak ko se je na škotsko zemljo spustila noč, so naravnost oživeli. V lokalu kjer smo bili ni manjkalo plesa in seveda tudi ne tekile. Ko se enkrat zalaufajo, jih več ne ustaviš. Najin okupatorski sostanovalec in še ena deklina iz iste dežele sta se en za drugim zelo hitro pobrala domov. Teli nemci so res čudni in malo zadrti. Ni čudno, da so izgubili drugo svetovno vojno :-) Mater, če bi tole znal prebrati, me skalpira. Gulp ...

Of course we and our Spanich friends didn't have enough. We went to a very cool place, an old building with four floors. You get in at the top and then go down. Every floor another music, another interiror ..., but all in such cool, old style. On the way out, Janez and me met two drunk (OK, very drunk) scotish girls. They were hungry and they didn't know what is burek. Hmmm, where do they live? I took a photo of Janez carying one of the girls (the preety one), but the result was very blurred. I don't know if he will ever forgive me for this. I'm really very sorry, Janez :-)

I won't explain how expensive it was to get drunk. And yes, because we were in Scotland, we tried some whisky. It sucked like always, but what has to be done, has to be done.

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