Saturday, January 22, 2005

I was there!

Today, Janez and I went on a walk towards the Old Trafford stadium. We knew that a premier league match between Manchester United and Aston Villa will take place. We were walking in the crowd up and down and hoping that someone would notice how silly we look like and offer us some tickets. And as we thought we are out of luck, we met the men we were looking for. He sold us tickets for 30 pounds each (before we went there, we said that we won't give more than 40 each). Yes! A booklet of tickets for the whole season.

Of course we went in on the wrong side of the stadium :-( We went in on the east stand, but our seats were on the west stand. Ups. And you can't go to other stands, unless you go out and in again. This was not an option. Than we started to ask the people working there, how can we get there. I wonder how stupid did we look like, having season tickets in our hands and going into the stadium on the wrong side. Not to mention, it was the 12th match of the season. Khmmmm ...

But as stupids always have luck, someone from the personnel took us too the other side of the stadium. Through "secret" corridors, passing the changing rooms, VIP rooms ... Untill we get there, our escorters switched three times. And we had to show our ticket to everyone. We missed 15 minutes of the match, including the first goal :-(

But nevertheless, it was a great experience enjoying a football match together with 67.857 other spectators. And we had very good seats. Thank you mister x! Of course he was already there to collect his season tickets. And in five minutes he was gone. He doesn't care about the match. He sold some tickets and his job was done.

You don't believe me? Look at the movie, listen to the crowd singing "United" or listen to the person behind us, all the time making nice, juicy comments. Some pictures are also available, but their quality is not so good due to bad light conditions.

Oh, I almost forgot. Manchester won 3-1.


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